5000 Annular Cutter Machine (Heavy-Duty)

The 5000 Annular Cutter Machine by AutoDrill is offered for large hole operations, structural steel drill processes, plate drilling, pipe drilling, multiple hole drilling, etc. It is based off of our 5000 series unit which is the most robust unit we offer. The features on the 5000 annular cutter machine make it simple to operate and maintain. Adjusting the unit for different size holes or thicknesses of material is simple and fast. By choosing a three phase electric motor drive, the operating costs are kept to a minimum. Single phase and air motor options also exist.

If you want to save money and time by becoming more efficient or you want to simply make more product with less resources, this machine is our answer for maximum cost savings and higher production capabilities.

Annular Cutter – Heavy Duty

Some of the many uses for the 5000 Annular Cutter Machine are:

  • Structural Steel drilling (I-beams, channel, etc.)
  • Plate drilling
  • Pipe drilling (including well pipe)
  • Higher thrust applications (up to 1000 lbs. on standard shop air)
  • Large hole drilling operations
  • Depth controlled drilling applications
  • Operations requiring all position mounting
  • Operations requiring through the spindle coolant
  • Preparation for machining large holes by removing a majority of the material beforehand
  • Heat exchanger heat plate manufacturing
  • Accurately drill large tap drill size holes +0.005 / -0.000″
  • Available with air motor drives for explosion-proof operations using inert gas

Some of the 5000 Annular Cutter Machine’s main features are:

  • Self feeder drill abilities
  • Less time and energy are consumed as compared to standard twist drill hole processes. Annular cutter drills are “green” in comparison to others.
  • Faster feed rates are achieved with more cutting teeth and less tool wear
  • Lighter and less powerful drilling equipment can be used with annular cutters as opposed to typical drilling operations of the same size and diameter
  • More accurate than conventional twist drill operations on hole size, location, etc.
  • Coolant through the center of the tool leads to better lubrication, longer tool life and a cleaner process
  • Positive plug ejection options (no more stopping the machine to dig out the slug from a hole saw type tool!)
  • Can receive and drive multi-head devices in some cases
  • Accurate tool speeds and feeds
  • Drill unit stroke from minimum to 6.000″
  • Up to 6.000″ of Hydro Speed feed control
  • Custom configurations for close center to center drilling
  • Built in depth control that is both adjustable and accurate
  • Can be mounted to operate in any direction
  • Electric or Pneumatic (air) motor drives up to 3 HP standard

Annular cutters are preferred over twist drills because they cut a cleaner, more efficient hole. The cutter cuts only the outside diameter of the hole creating less stress on the drill machine. The multiple cutting edges or surfaces allow for increased feed rates and typically a cleaner hole. Please CONTACT US to discuss your application.

(The image above shows a unit with a push style feed control and configured in a “Z” shape for clearance issues. We can offer compact and efficient pull style feed controls as well as smaller footprint “U” configured units)