AutoDrill is your one stop shop for drilling, tapping and other metalworking equipment.

Automation helps both the company that is struggling to survive and the one that is thriving to become more efficient with their time and resources. Here are some of the basic products we offer:

Automated Drills

Capable of performing hole processes from 1/32″ to over 2″ and perfect for most drilling, reaming or specialty process applications.

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Multi Drill Heads

Available with as few as one or two spindles to as many as 40+ spindles. Multi-spindle drill products are generally used for drilling, but often customized to be used for applications as diverse as the imagination.

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Drill Press Tapping Equipment

Whether you tap one hole at a time or want to tap a dozen or more, we would love to assist you with our products. Many times, your own drill press can be modified for the process!

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Production Tapping Equipment

Products such as lead screw tappers, self feed tappers and multiple spindle tapping equipment.

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Electrical Controls and Pneumatic Controls

AutoDrill can often support your needs in these areas. Whether it be a simple drill stroke or a complicated sequenced operation, we would love to discuss your needs with you.

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Free Basic Application and Engineering Assistance

Since day #1, AutoDrill has offered assistance to it’s customers on a variety of levels. Whether you need basic PDF drawings for your presentation or customer quote or a more detailed drawing to design your fixture, we can help.

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