The Series 1000 AutoDrill is a pneumatic controlled self-feeder drill. Its small size allows it to fit into positions where larger units on the market do not work. Its Hydro Speed feed control is useful when a clean hole breakthrough is desired. It also improves hole roundness in thin sections, control when drilling very small holes, managing the HP requirement on larger hole processes or when two-speed operation is desired.

The main features of the Series 1000 AutoDrill are:

  • Self feeding drill capabilities
  • Thrust forces to 100 lbs on shop air
  • Multiple motor drive options available to suit the application
  • Spindles speeds to 12,000 RPM
  • Spindle Stroke from minimum to 1.500″
  • Narrow width for close center drilling
  • Built-in precision depth control
  • All position mounting options
  • Industry Standard Precision ER11 Style Collet Chuck

Pneumatic feed controls are offered to help make sure the less critical approach to the work surface is done in a controlled manner. The Hydro Speed unit, controls the critical drilling process and breakthrough rate. Maintenance is very simple with these units as their component design allows certain parts to be interchanged or replaced without disturbing the drill body or your custom fixture set-up.

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