Machining and Drilling Heads – AutoDrill’s collet style heads use the industry standard ER style collets for high precision, lower cost, and international availability. Drilling heads for metalworking are available in these configurations:

  • Adjustable – Adjustable Multi-Drill Spindle Heads are suitable for equally spaced hole patterns including bolt circle hole patterns and square patterns only. Click HERE to view how they are adjusted. They are best suited for customers where the requirements may change from time to time. Many of these units are stock items and spare parts are almost always available from our warehouse in New Jersey, USA. They may be adapted to almost any drilling type machine. Jump to our SELECTION OF ADJUSTABLE MULTIPLE SPINDLE HEADS for more specifications and capacity information. All the spindles will spin in the same direction and the input : output ratio is always 1:1.  Drilling, reaming, tapping and plunge milling are common suitable operations for these drilling heads. Many unique uses have also been applied for these versatile products.
  • Fixed Pattern – For many irregular hole patterns. These heads are custom designed and built with short lead times. We go out of our way to make sure that your needs are perfectly met with this product. Whether it is a three spindle irregular pattern drill that you need or a 30+ spindle head for a custom application, we can help. Fixed pattern multiple spindle drilling heads often have a very compact size, low weight and low overall height compared to similar adjustable heads. This is a big advantage for many installations.
  • Offset Spindle Heads – When your hole is close to an obstruction such as a wall or protrusion on a part, the offset spindle head may be useful. The output spindle or spindles are not in the same line as the input of the head and can be placed in locations where the driving mechanism does not necessarily fit. The offset input on the multiple drill spindle head can move the drive mechanism far enough away from the obstruction to solve many space related problems.

Woodworking Heads / Boring Heads – With common threaded spindles, a woodworkers boring head or line drill head can be very useful. Threaded shank tooling is available from a number of suppliers and in all the wood industry cutter styles. There is a large advantage in that cutters as large as the available C-C distance can be used. Woodworking multi-drill heads are available in the same basic configurations as metalworking heads.

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