Candle Drill for Wick Holes, etc.

The larger candles often have more than a single wick and are made from a solid block of wax rather than by the traditional dipping method. Because of this, it is often necessary to use a very long, very small diameter drill to make the holes for the wicks after the wax has hardened into its final form.

AutoDrill specializes in making candle wick hole drill heads. Below you can see an example of a four wick pattern we manufactured for someone. These spindles were within 0.001″ of where the customer required them for the highest quality possible.

Whether you are an independent candle manufacturer, a member of an organization (such as the Association of European Candle Manufacturers, The British Candlemakers Federation, the Associacion Latino Americana Fabricantes De Velas – Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association – ALAFAVE, etc.) we are here to serve you.